About Us

At BluearPods, we saw market gaps and demand gaps. For more and more people with "brand name" products, this has become an overly expensive fact. Our products pass the ISO quality inspection process: 9001 certified factories produce non-branded electronic products, and provide you with a large discount of electronic products.

There are many other non-brand alternatives that need to be purchased and look similar in some ways? How to differentiate? Who trusts? 

In BluearPods , we try to add as much detail as possible in the description and test all the units before they leave the factory. Custom-made for all custom True Wireless Sound (TWS) earbuds, giving you a true replacement for more expensive branded electronics. 

We believe in making high-quality wireless headphones accessible to everyone by providing consumers directly. We want to change the way people buy headphones, pay more attention to product quality, and ask other retail brands to provide reasonable prices.

We don't think people should pay five to nine times the price for consumer headphones for high-quality products or some low-quality products. This is why we go directly to the manufacturer and remove the middleman, and only use two to three times the price increase to reduce the price of the headset without sacrificing product quality. This means lower profit margins, but it doesn't matter. You can buy quality wireless headphones at a much lower price point. Bluearpods has everything you need.

We also offer a 30-day warranty on our products. If you receive your item but it is defective or damaged, we will refund or replace it. 

Contact us via Whatapps and we will be happy to chat with you. 

Contact email: kanjianyun@gmail.com

BluearPods operates and manufactures independently, and we are committed to providing the most sought-after, cutting-edge, and up-to-date trends for people anywhere in the world! 


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